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Stella-Meta Ltd Fine Filtration
Stellar Vessel

Stella-Meta has been manufacturing process vessels since the 1930’s. Whilst the manufacturing technology is constantly evolving the same stringent quality requirements are as import now as they have ever been.

At Stella-Meta Industrial vessels are designed for longevity providing decades of trouble free service for many industries such as chlorine removal, plating chemicals, paint filters etc.

Stellar Vessel But of course nothing last forever, Stella-Meta engineers are on hand to carry out on-site visits to help to identify your vessel and system requirements for re-manufacturing.

Since the 1930’s we have retained drawings from the original hand drawn, silk screen, microfiche, though various 2D CAD system, right up to more modern 3D systems allowing us to:

  • Provide an exact replica vessel from the original drawing (subject to serial numbers and drawing availability)
  • Provide a drop-in replacement requiring no changes to your pipe work limiting process down time.

Due to the outstanding quality and longevity of our vessels there is a strong aftermarket for pre-owned Stellar Vessels. We can advise if the vessel you have is right for the application providing support and advice when it becomes time for a replacement.

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