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Stella-Meta Ltd Fine Filtration
Stellar Metal Wound Filters

Stella-Meta Stellar Filter is a pressure pre-coat filter, incorporating wound element. Each Element consists of a grooved former wound with Stainless Steel or Inconel wire. The coiled wire forms a foundation for the deposited bed of filter media such as diatomaceous earth.

Stella-Meta uses only the best premium materials during our manufacturing and re-manufacturing processes. Stellar Filters are manufactured from premium stainless steel 316L or Inconel 825 and are designed for long service intervals and trouble free service.

Metal Wound Filter The Stellar Filter has the following specific advantages:

  • Cost effective fine filtration process
  • High filtration efficiency down to sub-micron size
  • Rigid element manufactured from Stainless Steel or Inconel
  • In situ chemical cleaning when necessary
  • Minimum floor space required in relation to available filtration area
  • Manual, full or semi-automatic control systems
  • Re-winding service available on returns

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