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MetaFilter Assembly Tool

This useful tool has been developed by Stella-Meta so that the Meta ring packs may be assembled by users on site with the same degree of accuracy as that achieved at our own Hampshire works.

When re-assembling the Metafilter ring pack it is important to ensure that the rings are parallel on the central tie rod and that the correct end thrust is applied to ensure that the units are properly tensioned.

The machine consists of a ‘V’ groove bed plate in which the Metafilter pack is positioned. One end of the ring pack is secured in position by a screwed hand clamp and, at the other end, an air cylinder is positioned which provides the correct end thrust on the ring pack thus ensuring the optimum tension when the adaptor is tightened.

Stella-Meta provides a dressing iron which is slid along the length of the Metafilter pack to ensure that all the rings are parallel.
MetaFilter Assembly Tool MetaFilter Assembly Tool

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