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Stella-Meta Ltd Fine Filtration
Military Servicing and Spares

Stella-Meta offers a range of industrial advice, support and spares for our products. Maintaining your military filtration for years to come. During contract negotiations Stella-Meta can offer a spares package and an after sales support package.

A spares pack will comprise of consumables and service items that will be required for an agreed period. With mobile equipment it is normal to recommend a 90 Day spares pack that is retained with the equipment, and a larger Workshop spares pack that is retained at a depot. This can be used to supplement the smaller packs

Militray Spares A support package may consist of a number of options:

  • Spares Contract
  • Repair / Servicing
  • Call out for repair or training
  • Design for replacing obsolescent items

Stella-Meta has provided a maintenance service to clients for many years. We have the management, labour, materials and sub-contractor experience to satisfy a variety of maintenance needs.

Militray Spares

  • Routine :- Capability to perform to scheduled and contracted Client programmes.
  • Reactive :- Ability to carry out safe and prompt repairs where necessary to reduce Client downtime in their operations

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