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Stella-Meta Ltd Fine Filtration
Military Filtration

Stella-Meta has reputation for high quality products tailored to suit many processes and applications providing cost effective solutions. Ensuring low maintenance products and services for all of our customers both UK and overseas.

Stella-Meta proven robust equipment currently in use with many military forces, providing a range of services to the military sector including, Post Design Services, Army Equipment Support Publications, consultations & training. Spares and repairs for both onsite and workshop locations to ensure all of your equipment is ready to use. We can also introduce a range of additional trials from climatic to all-terrain.

Stella-Meta Ltd - Small Groups Unit Small Groups Unit (SGU)

The SGU is specifically designed to reach the most remote locations through a combination design of man portable elements.

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Stella-Meta Ltd - Standard ST1 Standard (ST1)

The ST1 is a fully capable fresh water filtration unit suitable for the most turbid conditions. Through a filter bed process this product reduces expensive replaceable consumable costs to ensure a long life.

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Stella-Meta Ltd - DS9 DS9

Complete and self contained desalination units for immediate deployment. Incorporated with a multitude of filtration technologies the DS9 can be used in the harshest environments due to its extensive trials.

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Stella-Meta Ltd - Sea Water Transfer System Sea water transfer system (STS)

The STS ensures source water can always reach your equipment. Suitable for both fresh water and open intake sea water due to the compact logistical design.

Stella-Meta Ltd - De-Tasting Module De-tasting Module

Designed to remove the unwanted taste of sterilisation chemicals at the point of use. Suitable to be integrated into our product range and adaptable to your current system requirements.

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Stella-Meta Ltd - Tanks Tanks

Supplying a range of different types and sizes of tanks for any requirement. Ranging from open top to enclosed pillow type. Ensuring we provide tanks for all applications.

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